Super Boxing League 🥊


Super Boxing League is an organization of firsts. We are the world’s only boxing league with a franchise team format. Super Boxing League is the only major team sports league to feature active members of both genders on the same team. Super Boxing League is the only North American sports league to field teams in three separate countries, United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Our competitions employ a unique and exclusive point scoring system. Each match contains 24 three-minute rounds of nonstop action with a 20-minute halftime after round 12. Teams compete across six weight categories, five male and one female. Each bout is scored individually with additional points added for knockouts and knockdowns and points deducted for low blows. It’s not rocket science, at the conclusion of the 24 rounds, the team with the most points wins!!!!

Each season will begin in March and conclude with The Super Fight on the Sunday night before Labor Day. Super Fight 1, History in the Making, will take place on Sunday September 3, 2023.